Masy technician soldering a ultra-premium validation thermocouple in our lab.

Fall Thermocouple Sale

Get 20% off Ultra-Premium Thermocouples from Masy!*

For a limited time, we're offering 20% off our best validation thermocouples. They sport best-in-class accuracy at ±0.18°C. They come tipped, harnessed, and ready to use. Now you can complete more studies in less time- and with better results!

Ultra-Premium Select Grade, Type T, 7-Strand Insulated Thermocouples

FEP insulated thermocouples are ideal for temperature mapping in freezers, refrigerators, incubators stability chambers , and steam applications. All our thermocouples are tipped, harnessed, labeled, and ready for use. In stock with same day shipping!

Below are the ultra-premium thermocouples that are on sale this month:
Length 22 AWG 28 AWG Kapton
20' X X -
25' X X X
30' X X -
50' X X -


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*20% off promotion only available for specific models mentioned above. All orders must be placed by 11/15/2018 in order to receive promotional pricing.